Culinary Tour

Wherever we go on a vacation it seems like it’s not complete enough without trying the specialty local food, let alone a holiday or a vacation is almost always identical with tasting the famous local food from the place that we visit. With our tongue that is spoiled by delicacy seasoning and traditional ingredients, our full stomach will raise our good mood to travel around the tourism sites.

If you want an unforgettable culinary tour, you must be willing to hunt the famous specialty local foods and fulfill your curiosity about its taste at one time. Jogja, a little town with its famous, unique and rich culture, Kraton is also offers foods that in a kind of way representing the beauty atmosphere of this town. Through a plate of worldly famous Gudeg Jogja, a portion of Nasi Blawong; the favorite food of Kraton Kings, and traditional market snacks such as Gethuk, Klepon, Geplak, and so on, there’s no way for not visiting restaurants and food stalls like Gadri Resto, Bale Raos, Pasar Ngasem, etc. Taste the Kraton’s hereditary recipe and enjoy the warm ambience of Jogja!

Enjoying The Unique Taste of Legen

The word Legen might sound unfamiliar to some people. This is considered quite normal because there are only few people selling legen.

Legen is a kind of traditional beverage made from getah manggar or coconut’s flower. To get legen, tie a bunch of coconut’s flower and cut its edge. Getah which comes out from it then is stored in a bumbung or bamboo. This is repeated every morning and afternoon. In one period, you can usually get a half amount of legen in a bumbung.

A glass of legen is usually sold for about 1000-1500 rupiahs. Legen tastes sweet and is best served cold.

Bale Raos, The Unique Restaurant With The King’s Cuisine

With a vision of preserving a culinary and cultural asset using the various traditional foods of Kraton Yogyakarta and in turn promoting this image to tourists and locals alike the restaurant Bale Raos was established. Bale Raos is a unique restaurant with a unique menu providing alternative cuisines to both Jogjanese and tourists alike.

Bale Raos is the only restaurant that serves the favorite cuisines of Sultan Yogyakarta, from HB VII until HB X. All the ingredients of the cuisine are made from traditional spices and concoctions.

Bale Raos provides several different menu options.

As Appetizer there are Tomat Soup (HB IX favorite menu), Timlo Soup (HB X favorite menu), Lidah Soup, Red Bean Soup, etc. As the Main Courses there are Sayur Klenyer (HB IX favorite menu), Daging Lombok Kethok (HB VII-IX favorite menu), Semur Ayam Panji (HB VII favorite menu), Semur Piyik (HB VII favorite menu), Gecok Ganem (HB IX favorite menu), Dendeng Ragi (HB IX favorite menu), etc.
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The Pleasant Taste of Traditional Foods

If one day we go sightseeing to traditional markets in Yogyakarta, we will many times catch sight of a lot of traditional foods offered by the vendors in that market. Those traditional foods we often call jajan pasar. If you get a glimpse of the appearance, you might think that those traditional foods are not interesting, but if you have tasted their pleasant taste, you will get a feeling of surprise upon the taste. Their tastes which are produced by basic foodstuffs and spices are indeed unique. The most important thing is that jajan pasar doesn’t contain any artificial substance that will hazard our health.

We could find jajan pasar almost all over the traditional markets in Yogyakarta, particularly in Kecamatan Kraton. They could be found in a traditional market called Ngasem, or much more familiar called Pasar Ngasem. Even though Pasar Ngasem is well known as pasar burung (birds market), there is also an activity of buying and selling goods as we also find in traditional market where the vendors sell various things too, such as fishes vendors, foods vendors, furniture vendors, flowers vendors, etc.

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