Heritage Tourism

Kraton Jogja has several historical buildings which is a pity to be missed by tourists. Dalem Joyokusuman, Dalem Pakuningratan, Dalem Yudonegaran, Dalem Kaneman, dan Dalem Suryaputran are several places which keep Kraton Jogja’s historical moments. You can enjoy the beauty and special structure of these buildings and know the living of Kraton Jogja (especially King’s family in Kraton Jogja) which is symbolized by the patterns and building’s structure.

In those places we can’t only enjoy the beauty of Java style buildings, but also visit the Sonobudoyo museum unit II with its craft products, gamelan, Pakualaman’s litter, etc. Not just museum, we can also taste the food menu of Sultan, see the making of batik tulis, gamelan rehearsal, and exhibition in Dalem Joyokusuman.

Kraton Ngayogyakartahadiningrat

This is the most famous and interesting tourism destination in Yogyakarta. Kraton is still owned and operated by the original founding family. It is wedged between North and South fields where two banyan trees sprout on each. The entry fee to Kraton is Rp.5.000 and once your are inside you can purchase a picture permit for Rp.1000. What a cheap rate!

Inside Kraton you will find many heritage carts which have a very high artistic quality, old dresses which were used by abdi ndalem (servants), soldiers and the royal family, batik workshop, a traditional dance and musical stage for daily performance, and some more cultural heritage. The building is located exactly on the direction of Malioboro Street. A unique aspect of Kraton is this building stands in a line with South Sea, Yogyakarta Monument and Mount Merapi.


Tamansari is one of tourism objects which is widely known and visited by many tourists. As well as the other tourism objects nearby, Tamansari also has an extraordinary potential. Up till now most of the tourists who visit Yogyakarta are only interested in visiting tourism objects which have been worldwide, such as Kompleks Candi Prambanan (The camp of Prambanan Temple), Pantai Parangtritis (Parangtritis Coast), and its environs, Kraton Yogyakarta, and so on. But since the earthquake befell on May 27th, 2006 caused some tourism objects in Yogyakarta closed or less attractive, Tamansari becomes one of tourism objects which is possibly able to be visited by many tourists, so that the number of the visitors are expected increased.

Tamansari is located in Taman area, Kecamatan Kraton (Kraton Subdistrict), Kotamadya Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta municipality). Its location is not far from Kraton Yogyakata camp, so that it will be easy to be visited. There are some people who define Tamansari as a beautiful and attractive garden. Tamansari camp lies on a land owned by Sultan Hamengku Buwono (Kagungan Dalem Kraton Yogyakarta) in which its management is handled by Tepas Keprajuritan Buwono Kraton Ngayogyakarta.

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