Jeron Beteng

Yogyakarta Sultanate Kraton is a governmental centre from Yogyakarta Sultanate which has changed into Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Special Region) as one of Indonesian province. Jeron Beteng is an area which is bordered by Beteng Baluwarti. The Kraton’s main building formation forms an axis which linked Merapi Mountain in the north and Parangtritis Beach in the south. This palace establishment was built based on Catur Gatra Tunggal Philosophy, i.e. the total integration of four royal elements: Kraton, Masjid, Alun-Alun, and Pasar. Beteng Baluwarti as this area border was built when the settlement of VOC troops was getting stronger and the establishment of Benteng Rustenberg (now Vredeburg) which began from 1765 till 1787. Under the supervision of Sultan HB II, Benteng was strengthened by adding the thickness of its wall (4 meters thick). In the corner of Benteng known as Pojok Benteng, the wall thickness can reach 6-8 meters, completed with cannon and spy hole.

The Yogyakarta City Government plans to organize the Jeron Beteng area into a tourist area of The Old City. The government will model the concept of The Old Town in DKI Jakarta.

“As an early stage we have revitalized the North Square, in order to restore the spirit like the atmosphere of old times,” said Aman Yuriadijaya, Assistant for Economic affairs and Government of Yogyakarta City, when met in his workspace, Tuesday (20/1).

In the concept of his thinking, the area of Jeron Beteng or the area located inside the Palace complex will later be used as a tourist area of the Old City.

He exemplifies as in Jakarta which has an old city area consisting of old buildings, Fatahillah museum and a living cultural heritage area. In fact, almost every day young people, children even adults visit this area.

“For later, Jeron Beteng area can also be conceptualized like that, there is keraton, Taman Sari, and also cultural heritage building in the area can be an attraction of its own,” said Aman.

It’s just that getting to that direction takes a long time. And also cooperation with various parties to make it happen. But one of the efforts that has been fought now is to start revitalizing the North Square. The square will be restored to its original state.

In various literature mentioned long ago the square is not just a square, but also has a double function, namely in addition to being an open space of the city. North Square has a past, can be said as a community center among them as a ceremonial place of royal activities, recreation, entertainment, night market, economic activities, and so on.

Five Regions

Separately, the Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Yogyakarta City, Eko Suryo Maharsono explained in Yogyakarta there are five areas that have been designated as old city areas or referred to as herritage areas.

The five areas are Kotagede, Kraton, Pakualaman, Kotabaru, and Malioboro. The master plan for the management of the cultural reserve area for the five regions was immediately drawn up. Thus, it can be known the plans and programs of activities that will be carried out in the management of the area.

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